So you want a little aural pleasure?

And you wanna know what makes
THIS podcast different from all the
other drinking and dungeon-ing podcasts
with ironic and punny names, right?
Well, needy, read on and let me explain.

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Become a roleplay sommelier...

     Let's get the standard fare out of the way first. We played 4th and now 5th edition. Perfect, now, on to the juice. "How do you guys get drunk?", I hear you asking yourself; "Do you just sip your drinks and enjoy civil yet mildly comical banter while playing DnD"? In a word, fuckno. Our drinking method is a beautiful symphony of butt-chugging and peer pressure.

     We start every episode with a D20 challenge, everyone rolls, and drinks accordingly! (1-9 = 2 shots, 10-18 = 1 shot, 19-20 = scott free). These impromptu challenges can also happen at any point during gameplay if a player wishes to do so. Hey, tweet at us during our play sessions (which we live tweet), suggest a D20 challenge, you just might instigate one!

     Each recording session has a theme, you know, the 80's, around the world, S&M, fun stuff. It'll determine what we drink, what we listen to and potentially even what we wear. Hit us up with suggestions if you can pull yourself away from the theatre of the mind that is DnDUI. Warning: DnDUI is more addictive than Second Life and WoW's illegitimate love child. You've been warned.

     So you like DnD for the numbers, you're an 'analytics guy'. We got numbers. Now everyone knows about your standard critical hit and critical failure, rolls of 1/20 respectively. Pedestrian we say! We toss in two MORE numbers, which we roll at the beginning of each episode, one a pitfall of possible peril and perish, the other a glorious gift from the gods of gaming. "Well what about ties, do they go to the DM like in those other podcasts?" We leave it up to pure unabashed chance, a flip of the coin!

     See the face behind the voice - Now that you're up to speed on the idiosyncrasies of our game, check out the character and player bios! And if you want to get in contact with us hit us up:

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