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Nick Etherton, a Toronto based cartoonist, is a graduate of OCAD University’s Drawing & Painting program, with a focus of study on Comics & Cartooning. Currently Nick is publishing a weekly webcomic found at, as well as working on independent comics, storyboards for film, & telling stories visually wherever he can.

Comic Blog! – Professional Crastination

While we were at Indy Pop Con in Indianapolis a few months ago we saw a dude cosplaying as the big bad dark elf from THOR the Dark World.

That dude looks a lot like Sweet D. Which was something CJ has brought up before on the podcast. So when we saw the cosplayer, CJ wanted to get a picture with him, after which he said something along the lines of “I just got a picture with Sweet D, that’s so great!”  To which I replied, “but it’s Sweet D from the future. It’s Future D.” Continue reading


Pre-order a Commission for Fan Expo and Get 5$ Off! And More!


Fan Expo 14 is only a few weeks away!

I’m pretty excited to meet some local fans & draw some stuff!  I’ll be doing commissions at the show & wanted to give the hardcore a bonus for pre-ordering!

Send an email to nick@dndui com with what you’d like me to draw for ya! You’ll get 5$ off your order (to a minimum of a 5$ total), no cost for shipping as ill hand it over in person at the show, & a free print of any DnDUI webcomic you’d like!

That’s 15$ worth of free!!



5$ for headshot of character of your choice!

Add ons

  • 5$ per additional character
  • 5$ for full figure (per character)
  • 5$ for colour (print included)
  • 10$ for background

special requests welcome!

pre-order available until tuesday August 26

Expansion of the DnDUI Webcomics World

Things are about to get bigger.

I’ve decided to try & expand the world that the DnDUI webcomic explores.  Marco has created an amazing expansive cast of characters within his DnD universe that we dont see much at all in the webcomic.

I still love the Charolastros & doing jokes about how strong Remo is or how Sweet D can be pretentious.  That stuff will always be out bread & butter. There is more of this world for us to explore though, so over the next few weeks we’re going to start branching out.

I hope you enjoy the sights, hold onto your butts.

Comic Blog! The Nap Sack

This is “script” for today’s comic. The idea was pretty much fully formed when it hit me – Tig is usually the old man, it’s funny that he’d be a baby.


I’ve been watching Lost again with my girlfriend & Charlie made a Bjorn out of a blanket. The weird way bjorn sounds & is spelled was stuck in my head and thus while trying to come up with a Tig joke I was struck with the punspiration (Pun inspiration) for today’s strip!

The rest is history.

Dragonborn being added to Neverwinter!

Wizards announced yesterday that alongside the new Neverwinter Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons they will be adding Dragonborn to the game!

With the purchase of the Dragonborn Legend Pack, players will be able to create their very own Dragonborn characters at the launch of Neverwinter’s Tyranny of Dragons free content update. In addition to being able to start their very own Dragonborn Saga, players will also receive a plethora of items that further evoke the expansion’s Draconic theme.

You can check out the trailer here!

Hey D’n’DUI Fans, Nick is Doing Commissions!

Hey there all you Charolastros out there, I (the intrepid artist Nick Etherton) am looking to draw rad stuff for you!

Stuff like this!


A print of this piece I did for one of our loyal Patrons Craig will be getting signed by the whole gang, & along with the original art, will be shipped out to Craig soon! So he can enjoy even more D’n’DUI goodness in his home!

If you’d like a commission of your DnD character, your favourite super hero or just Remo Williams bench pressing an alligator send an email to

Prices are as follows
5$ per character headshot
+5$ per additional character
+5$ for full body figure (per character)
+10$ for background
+5$ for colour (print included)

Any special requests will be considered but I’m not making any promises!