5th Edition Changeling Race Option


Contributions by James Musicus and Q Hendricks

Changelings are a humanoid race who possess a shapeshifting ability similar to doppelgangers. Abuse of their shapeshifting talent for espionage and assassination has in led the Changelings to being mistrusted amongst other races. Changeling do not duplicate a person’s appearance, but create a whole new identity when taking on a race’s form. It is not uncommon for changelings to aggregate multiple disguises and personae in case one becomes compromised.
Their natural form can appear somewhat ghastly to other races, given their almost featureless faces and skin in shades of white and grey. They have large, single coloured eyes with no pupil. Their noses are small and subtle with no detail. A Changeling’s hair is often silver or white as pale as their complexion, with a hint of blue, pink or green hue. Their bodies are thin and smooth, similarly hairless as an elf.
There is an unfounded rumour amongst commoners that attractive escorts and adult entertainers are secretly male Changelings.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 2.
Age. Changelings mature a little faster than humans, reaching adulthood at 15. On average, they live about as long as humans do.
Alignment. Changelings tend to be neutral, favouring individual choice over strict creed or law. They avoid unnecessary risk, and direct confrontation unless they feel the reward is worthy.
Size. Changelings tend to be slender beings with an average weight of 140 lbs and heights between 5’ and 6’. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Change Shape. As an action, you may take the form of any medium sized humanoid race. The transformation is painful, and doing so causes you 1d4 damage.
Changeling Trick. While using the change shape ability, creatures have a disadvantage on checks trying to see through your disguise.
Mental Defense. You have advantage on saving throws against Charm spells and cannot be put to Sleep by magic.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.
Subraces. Three main philosophies of Changelings have emerged as predominant groups. They are referred to as Passers, Becomers, and Reality Seekers. Passers choose not to employ their Changeling abilities and choose only one appearance. Becomers use their abilities to it’s full extent, constantly changing appearance to stand out or blend into different societies. Reality seekers prefer their natural Changeling form and aim to advance and improve the Changeling community, reclaiming it’s name from the current reputation of cowards and tricksters. Choose one of these subraces.

Altering your appearance comes almost as easily to you as changing your clothes. Becomers believe that Changelings don’t have a singular appearance, and therefor can inhabit multiple identities as well. As a becomer, you feel that Passers aren’t using the gracious gift that has bestowed upon on your race.
Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Chameleon. You can alter your complexion to help blend into your surroundings. You have advantage when making stealth and deception checks to hide.

Reality Seekers
The group called reality seekers believe that there is a great truth that Changelings can discover. They do not shy from appearing in their true natural form as Passers do, and are proud to exhibit the progressiveness of Changeling society. As a reality seeker, you are the closest thing Changelings have as a liaison to other races.
Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 1.
Foreign Scholar. Choose an additional language to write and speak.
Tool Proficiency. You gain proficiency with the Navigator’s tools.

A Nice Cold Homebrew

Here at DnDUI Conglomerate International ®, we are all about Do-It-Yourself-ing. All our art, hosting, development, and correspondence is done by the hosts on their down time, and all our characters, plot, dungeons, and songs come from our creative minds (we can’t help if a couple Nacho Libre references slip in occasionally.)

You know, whenever anyone says orphans…

That’s why we and the champions at Trapdoor get along so swimmingly. They’ve carved their own path in the market, and took some bold steps doing so. This why we are excited by the product that Codename:Morningstar is shaping into. It gives us roleplayers an opportunity to craft our experience in ways never done before. The D&D community is so cooperative and supportive, it’s heart-warming to see a company recognize this and aim to give people the framework to do it even better.

Codename:Morningstar is much more than a character manager.  It opens up a line between content creators and content users through technology. An idea that should have been picked up a long time ago by the current leaders of rule-set distribution. Don’t take my word for it, have a look:

Let’s just say we jumped on this even before the Kickstarer launched.

Adge ‘Crash McDragonborn’ Bertuzzo

Seventh Crown: Pretty damn cool

The heart of D&D is creation. You create your characters, you create the world, and you create your own fun. The more you choose to create, often, the more fun you have. This is why I have to give a big thumbs up to Seventh Crown by Brian Steele.  He not only created a campaign setting for him and his friends, but is now trying to get it kickstarted into a multi-platform campaign setting that we can all use. To me that is awesome, it’s thinkers like him that gave us Eberon, the Forgotten Realms, Pathfinder and even D&D itself if you go far back enough!

Every book needs a bloody knife on the cover.
Every book needs a bloody knife on the cover.

What Brian has done is to create an entire world and mythos, like DNDUI. Unlike DNDUI, Brian’s coherently (read: soberly) written history and world leap off of the page and scream to be investigated. After I saw only the cover art for the Seventh Crown I knew it was something I wanted to explore more.  Six crowns of power that imbue the power to lead a kingdom and a mythical seventh that could rule over them all. A setting rife with adventure. The campaign is a nice combination of high fantasy with some grittier elements thrown in. And my favourite part is that it feels like I want to play this setting from each kingdoms perspective, giving me a completely different feeling if I was an evil elf, a mercenary dragon-kin or a dwarf from a shrivelled kingdom dreaming of my former glory.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can not only help kickstart them, and get this book to you, but you can also help contribute to their story and help build what I’m looking forward to as a compelling and beautiful world. It’s just a shame, or maybe a saving grace, there is no Uthgar in there.

The Eternal DM problem

In the few short, but action packed, years that I have been DMing I have come across an eternal problem that I struggle with, and I am beginning to get the notion that It is a problem that every GM deals with in some sort of way.
This problem has to do with the difference between marco and micro elements of the story line. Currently the Charos (my party) are in the middle of some pretty spicey expose that is revealing large swathes of the world that they are in, and all I can think is “Are they bored of this? Do they just want to dungeon crawl where I/they can focus on traps and the minuteness of the game, or are they enjoying this? I know that the second I bring the party down to the other level, I will begin to think the opposite. “Is this too fine grit? Are they bored of the slog of the crawl?”
It is true that in a perfect world a story will be created and the GM can just make a story and then focus on the details of each session as the party progresses in the story, but it will never happen like that. Writing a campaign is not like writing a movie or a book, its a constantly evolving creature or improv where you, as a creator, have to bounce back and forth between thoughts of inter-kingdom politico games happening without the party’s privy, to what kind of club that kobold is brandishing.
It is this element that I find the most rewarding, yet incredibly taxing, like spinning plates.

You want to know the completely unrelated halfling's name in the bar? UUUUH OK, gimme a sec.
You want to know the completely unrelated halfling’s name in the bar? UUUUH OK, gimme a sec.

This problem is always compacted by the fact that in the game I am running I allow a lot of choice by the players, and they know it. This makes for a GREAT game where the players truly experience the fun of DND, knowing that they can build and dash kingdoms or story lines at their pleasure, but it also means that I can never really plan more than a session or two ahead of time, and Never in as much detail and I truly would like. I see all these other DMs with pre-built castles and lazer pointer table props for light puzzles and it makes me feel a bit deflated.

I am not really sure what the point of this post was, other than to remind you the struggles that a GM puts up with. When you leave your charachter at the table, you’re done if you want, however the GM’s work is just starting, they have to prep for next week! So, If you are enjoying your game, show your appreciation.  bring the GM a bag of cheetos for them, or tell them you lie their sotory, or even better yet, don’t kill that noble with the complex backstory they have just introduced, haha.

An Open Letter to Our Visitors

Mic test… Check… 1… 2…

Things have been a little quiet around here, but it doesn’t mean we’re fading. In fact, it’s the calm before the storm. We have been reaching out to people we like in hopes to work together on cool projects. So I thought I would take this opportunity to shout out the people we like most. You!

During our mailbag episode we were asked if DnDUI surpassed our expectations. Resoundingly yes! We have received so much love and support it is inspiring. When people I match with on Tinder already know DnDUI before my gushing about it, it makes me feel like we are doing something right by the community.

Dawww, you guys.

When we set out to learn how to play D&D two years ago, we turned to the internet (see subheading Reddit & Podcasts) as we do with most crucial knowledge. When 5th Edition arrived we wanted to give back and be the resource for people starting up and looking for help like we did!

We always want to hear our visitors thoughts, suggestions, and ideas. Whether you come here for entertainment, learning, or you have  a burning crush on Raff, we want to say we appreciate it and want to know how we can do more for you.

Bad Dragon Adge

What’s this? What’s this?

Fellow charolastros! I write to you from a far and distant land,  brimming with ancient wisdom and ale. Where is this place you ask?  It’s up to you to figure out, that’s the game! Where in the world is Big Snack! The D’n’DUI spirit is alive and well in this fabled character, with stories abound and adventures to share.  As the great bard Jack Black crooned,

“we’ve been through so much shit,
Deactivated lasers with my dick
Now it’s time to blow this fucker down!”

Until next time charos,


(Gigante S)

Where in the world is he!?
Where in the world is he!?

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Comic Blog! – Professional Crastination

While we were at Indy Pop Con in Indianapolis a few months ago we saw a dude cosplaying as the big bad dark elf from THOR the Dark World.

That dude looks a lot like Sweet D. Which was something CJ has brought up before on the podcast. So when we saw the cosplayer, CJ wanted to get a picture with him, after which he said something along the lines of “I just got a picture with Sweet D, that’s so great!”  To which I replied, “but it’s Sweet D from the future. It’s Future D.” Continue reading