Season 5 is Coming!

As the Charos battle their way through Torm’s epic dungeon they stumble ever closer to the next level of D’n’DUI


Check for updates until September 15th when the new season starts!

Season 5 will be marked by a lot of cool new stuff for the site & podcast!  The boys will be switching over to playing DnD 5th edition as well as playing with the beta of the new official companion app Dungeonscape! Backstage level Patrons will get some bonus content including the party’s character sheets & the guys discussing the conversion of their characters from 4e to 5e.

We are also working on the tech side of recording the podcast to improve the audio quality for the new season! The contributions made by our amazing supporters at have directly helped fund this awesome upgrade to the podcast.

We can’t wait for you guys to hear the new season! If you have any questions about season 5, the dungeonscape app, or anything else that’s on your mind – just hit us up at


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