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While we were at Indy Pop Con in Indianapolis a few months ago we saw a dude cosplaying as the big bad dark elf from THOR the Dark World.

That dude looks a lot like Sweet D. Which was something CJ has brought up before on the podcast. So when we saw the cosplayer, CJ wanted to get a picture with him, after which he said something along the lines of “I just got a picture with Sweet D, that’s so great!”  To which I replied, “but it’s Sweet D from the future. It’s Future D.”

That’s pretty much where the idea for today’s comic came from. CJ asked me to draw Future D on a sketch card for him, & the character design was fun to do, so now Future D is a real thing.
futuredI also took a lot of inspiration for the scene from the movie Edge of Tomorrow. That movie is rad.  We will probably never see that poor scared soldier again (who was designed after a randomly picked facebook fan), but we will see the continued Spaceventures of Future D… in the future…

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