Comic Blog! Fizbusters – Mad About Cube

So Fizban is one of the characters I want to spend more time with as I mentioned in a previous blog post.  Which is why today’s comic is the first of hopefully many Fizbusters strips!


The idea came from a short writing session me & Marco had a few weeks ago.  I won’t spoil any of the other ideas but we ended up with a few fun Fizban comics & that is a big part of what set into motion my desire to expand beyond the Charolastros.

You’ll get to see the Charos again next week but were still gonna keep going weird places for a while! I’m excited to throw a bunch of new ideas at you guys & we’ll see what sticks.

As for the naming convention for Fizbusters – each Fizbusters strip is going to be titled with a pun based on an old sitcom. I had originally thought of Just Cube Me, but Adge came up with the much funnier & more fitting Mad About Cube. I stole this naming convention from the Invincible trades, which are all named after 80s sitcoms, but I think it fits with Fizban’s attitude & the implied TV theme we’re playing with.


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