Expansion of the DnDUI Webcomics World

Things are about to get bigger.

I’ve decided to try & expand the world that the DnDUI webcomic explores. ┬áMarco has created an amazing expansive cast of characters within his DnD universe that we dont see much at all in the webcomic.

I still love the Charolastros & doing jokes about how strong Remo is or how Sweet D can be pretentious. ┬áThat stuff will always be out bread & butter. There is more of this world for us to explore though, so over the next few weeks we’re going to start branching out.

I hope you enjoy the sights, hold onto your butts.

4 thoughts on “Expansion of the DnDUI Webcomics World”

  1. Awww yiss. I think Quiggsly and Babycakes need to get together! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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