A Talk About Dragons

I just got through a really interesting Reddit post here.

…and it re-sparked a point that I have been trying to make with D’N’DUI for a while now. I feel that in the past, dragons have gone from giant monsters and a thing that you should be afraid of, to just another monster you can fight. In 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons, there is a type of dragon you can fight at FIRST LEVEL. Now, i found this chart of some dinosaurs:



and you see that red one that dwarfs the human? That will be the size of most of the elder dragons in my campaign. Epic dragons like Gygax, and a few others will be even larger, with much broader heads.

There is a trick to making things cool, especially in D&D, and that is rarity. Cool things aren’t a dime a dozen. Nobody has gotten a “cool” rub on tattoo. When you have a big monster, make it big, and when you have a mean monster make it mean.

Will the party ever kill a full dragon? Maybe, I guess we can only see.


– Marco out.


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  1. This is why I’m hoping they beef up the dragons in 5e a little more. As of the playtest packet, something like a white dragon only had around ~126 or so HP. A team of 4-5 lvl 7 adventurers could theoretically take that (and they have in my campaign). It’s too easy to overuse dragons when they’re not as threatening, which is the mistake I’ve fallen into with my current storyline.

    Of course, there’s always the general DM rule of “do whatever you want” – could always make it bigger, triple its health, etc.

    Also, I disagree about uncool rub-on tattoos :D. The rub-on tattoo of princess Peach on my groin is hella cool.

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