Timelines (Webcomics Update)

Hey,  nick here, your friendly neighborhood webcomics artist.

In the past year I’ve gotten my dream job, married the woman I love & am about 2 weeks away from officially owning my first home.  All that is to say this has been a big year for me.

I made the decision to put the webcomic on hiatus mostly out of lack of time but also out of frustration.  As I’ve posted about before I wasn’t happy with how or what I was producing. Well the long break has given me a lot of time to think, plan and refocus.

I’ve heard the end of the season of D’n’DUI (I won’t spoil anything or even how many episodes are left), and that’s given me even more fire to get back into making this comic.  I couldn’t be more excited to write these characters or live in this world.

That being said, It’s seems the best way to approach this reboot is indeed to wait until the season ends and all the dust settles. I don’t want to say exactly how long that is but I think I might post some throw away stuff here in the meantime as a sort of warm up to the real deal.

Here’s that comic I teased in my last post.  I’ve decided it wasn’t really needed as a first strip for the reboot but it’s not bad so why not put it out somewhere!


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