Hey D’n’DUI Fans, Nick is Doing Commissions!

Hey there all you Charolastros out there, I (the intrepid artist Nick Etherton) am looking to draw rad stuff for you!

Stuff like this!


A print of this piece I did for one of our loyal Patrons Craig will be getting signed by the whole gang, & along with the original art, will be shipped out to Craig soon! So he can enjoy even more D’n’DUI goodness in his home!

If you’d like a commission of your DnD character, your favourite super hero or just Remo Williams bench pressing an alligator send an email to nick@dndui.com

Prices are as follows
5$ per character headshot
+5$ per additional character
+5$ for full body figure (per character)
+10$ for background
+5$ for colour (print included)

Any special requests will be considered but I’m not making any promises!


One thought on “Hey D’n’DUI Fans, Nick is Doing Commissions!”

  1. Nick, I’m passing Craig an extra $10 to pay for a print of that image, btw. You’ll take that money, or else 🙂
    It looks awesome, and will be hanging up right next to my Uthgar vs. Owlbear original.

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