A bit of Background (Webcomic update)


Good news!  I’m approaching the relaunch of the webcomic!
Here’s what’s up!


Version 2.0 of the D’n’DUI webcomic will be essentially a reboot.  The main difference is I’ll be making a clean break from the podcast.  The characters will still be the gang from the D’n’DUI podcast and their characters, but I’m going to take the DnD story in my own direction.  From this point on the webcomic will be like an alternate reality.


I also think I’ll hold off on the relaunch until a new season of the podcast starts.  The season finale is coming soon and syncing the new comic with a new season feels appropriate. It’s also just an arbitrary deadline to put on myself so I don’t keep working on this forever and never release it!


Another big idea I’m wrestling with is format.  As the landscape of webcomics change the idea of making a full page of comics every month instead of a strip a week seems tempting.  It allows for more unique joke timings and also means every 4th panel doesn’t NEED to be a punchline.  If the idea of getting a bigger update every few weeks is appealing to you, let me know.


I’ll leave you with one last little thing; here’s a background I made for the Bertuzzo bros house. I’m hoping to build up an archive of backgrounds in order to speed up drawing and focus more on jokes and story!


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