5th Edition Spoiled Brat Background Option

Spoiled Brat

Skill Proficiency: Insight (Int); Persuasion (Cha)
Tool Proficiency: Artisan Tools
Languages: Pick any two
Equipment: Fancy clothes, a ring with a signet, a belt pouch containing 50gp.

Feature: Wealthy Parents
Whether you hate them, or they hate you your parents are still well known in the lands and have some sway. You can use this to your advantage. Although your parents probably won’t give you gold now that you are an adventurer, people in cities will have heard of your name (their thoughts on that can vary wildly). If used right this can get you a meeting with a council member or even get out out of jail for a night. Just make sure you don’t get captured for ransom.

Suggested Characteristics:

d8 Personality

  1.  Calm and collected you pull strings to get things your way.
  2.  You act with a fiery temper, not used to repercussions.
  3.  You shun your wealth and are fascinated by commoners.
  4.  Your family has fallen on hard times and you loathe being a commoner.
  5.  Though you always try to help you hate getting your hands dirty.
  6.   You were coddled so you are still ignorant of many things and strive to learn more.
  7.   Growing up in a library you have en erudite knowledge of how the world works, but rarely practical uses come out of it.
  8.   You are a noble that unwillingly became an adventure and are still unsure about this twist in life.

d6 Ideal

  1.   You will do anything to get your way and gain your family fame Neutral
  2.   You are an upstanding citizen, You uphold the proletariat ideals of the kingdom.  Lawful good
  3.   You have decided to make a name for yourself no matter what.
  4.   Having seen The excess of your upbringing you seek to bring down “the system”.   Evil
  5.   When you don’t have to work, life becomes all about pleasure.
  6.   You see yourself more as a diplomat than an adventure, and resist combat when you can.

d6 Bond

  1.   You know the secret of where an ancient family treasure is buried.
  2.   The political scales no longer favour you, and you are going to change that.
  3.   You are out to prove yourself as the rightful heir to your family’s wealth.
  4.   You have shunned all your wealth and seek to get revenge on your family for a terrible act they committed.
  5.   Child of a rich merchant you are seeking to get the titles you deserved. Even if you have to kill for them.
  6.   You have disgraced your family and have been cast out.

d6 Flaw

  1.   You see everything as belonging to you.
  2.   When you have deemed somebody “Below you” you are kurt and impolite to them.
  3.   You care more about money and reputation than the affection of your friends.
  4.   You have few strongly held beliefs and change yourself and your goals constantly, abandoning them when they get too hard.
  5.   You have almost no idea how the world works.
  6.   You don’t even a little bit grasp the concept of consequences.

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