A Nice Cold Homebrew

Here at DnDUI Conglomerate International ®, we are all about Do-It-Yourself-ing. All our art, hosting, development, and correspondence is done by the hosts on their down time, and all our characters, plot, dungeons, and songs come from our creative minds (we can’t help if a couple Nacho Libre references slip in occasionally.)

You know, whenever anyone says orphans…

That’s why we and the champions at Trapdoor get along so swimmingly. They’ve carved their own path in the market, and took some bold steps doing so. This why we are excited by the product that Codename:Morningstar is shaping into. It gives us roleplayers an opportunity to craft our experience in ways never done before. The D&D community is so cooperative and supportive, it’s heart-warming to see a company recognize this and aim to give people the framework to do it even better.

Codename:Morningstar is much more than a character manager.  It opens up a line between content creators and content users through technology. An idea that should have been picked up a long time ago by the current leaders of rule-set distribution. Don’t take my word for it, have a look:

Let’s just say we jumped on this even before the Kickstarer launched.

Adge ‘Crash McDragonborn’ Bertuzzo

2 thoughts on “A Nice Cold Homebrew”

  1. While I’m anxious to see if this all happens (because I’ve backed it as well), I honestly don’t believe that they’ll meet their goal at this rate. $425k is a huge amount to raise for such a project. In my opinion, they should have broken it up a bit more and made each module or deliverable its own kickstarter campaign or stretch goal. Fund a piece rather than the whole puzzle. For example, have a kickstarter just for the basic character stuff and library first, at a lower, more attainable goal.

    This makes even more sense considering that they’ve probably lost (although to no fault of theirs) a huge majority of support from the D&D crowd because of the fact that they won’t have 5e support out the gates. Pathfinder and completely custom isn’t enough to drive a $425k project when the primary audience that even knew about Morningstar were D&D players. And support for 5e won’t come in Morningstar until an OGL is announced.

    I’d love to use Morningstar, even if only for custom things, but I fear that it won’t see the light of day. They’d have to raise $23,345.93 per day for the remainder of the campaign (at the time of writing, 16). The fact that it took them half of their campaign days to get to their current $51k, this is a bad sign. 🙁

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