Seventh Crown: Pretty damn cool

The heart of D&D is creation. You create your characters, you create the world, and you create your own fun. The more you choose to create, often, the more fun you have. This is why I have to give a big thumbs up to Seventh Crown by Brian Steele.  He not only created a campaign setting for him and his friends, but is now trying to get it kickstarted into a multi-platform campaign setting that we can all use. To me that is awesome, it’s thinkers like him that gave us Eberon, the Forgotten Realms, Pathfinder and even D&D itself if you go far back enough!

Every book needs a bloody knife on the cover.
Every book needs a bloody knife on the cover.

What Brian has done is to create an entire world and mythos, like DNDUI. Unlike DNDUI, Brian’s coherently (read: soberly) written history and world leap off of the page and scream to be investigated. After I saw only the cover art for the Seventh Crown I knew it was something I wanted to explore more.  Six crowns of power that imbue the power to lead a kingdom and a mythical seventh that could rule over them all. A setting rife with adventure. The campaign is a nice combination of high fantasy with some grittier elements thrown in. And my favourite part is that it feels like I want to play this setting from each kingdoms perspective, giving me a completely different feeling if I was an evil elf, a mercenary dragon-kin or a dwarf from a shrivelled kingdom dreaming of my former glory.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can not only help kickstart them, and get this book to you, but you can also help contribute to their story and help build what I’m looking forward to as a compelling and beautiful world. It’s just a shame, or maybe a saving grace, there is no Uthgar in there.

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