Million Dollar Preview! – Nick Loves WrestleMania!

As some of you may know myself (Neck Ethernet) and the Bertuzzo boys (Marco ‘n’ Adge) recently started a second D’n’DUI network podcast! Million Dollar REBOOT!

We’re also trying out a new format for special episodes! The first “I Love ________ & You Should Too!” will be Wrestling!!!

So if you’ve never enjoyed Professional Wrestling you can read on and get the same primer Marco & Adge will be studying before watching the biggest sports entertainment event of the year! WRESTLEMANIA!

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Toronto Comic Con! Commission Pre-sale!

Hey Toronto!

The D’n’DUI crew will be hanging out at Toronto Comic Con, March 20th through 22nd!

As usual I (Nick) will be chained to the table drawing stuff for fans! If you’re interested in getting a commission you can pre-order now and get a bonus!

By using the coupon code ” TCC15 ” you’ll get 5$ off your order!
You’ll get a FREE dndui webcomic print signed by the guys!
Best of all, you get a firm handshake and your commission handed over in person at the show!

This offer is valid to anyone but if you aren’t at the show you won’t receive a free print, handshake or rad fun time. Also you’ll have to pay for shipping probably…


10$ for head & shoulders bust of character of your choice!

Add ons

  • 10$ per additional character
  • 10$ for full figure (per character)
  • 10$ for colour (print included)
  • 10$ for background

special requests welcome! (unless I think it’s weird and you should be ashamed)


Head over to  to order yours now!

pre-order available until Monday March 16th
email with any questions or issues