What’s this? What’s this?

Fellow charolastros! I write to you from a far and distant land,  brimming with ancient wisdom and ale. Where is this place you ask?  It’s up to you to figure out, that’s the game! Where in the world is Big Snack! The D’n’DUI spirit is alive and well in this fabled character, with stories abound and adventures to share.  As the great bard Jack Black crooned,

“we’ve been through so much shit,
Deactivated lasers with my dick
Now it’s time to blow this fucker down!”

Until next time charos,


(Gigante S)

Where in the world is he!?
Where in the world is he!?

Join the Crusade Contest

The DnDUI Season 5 Street Team Challenge

You could win a massive DnDUI prize pack!

How to enter?
1) Choose your favourite Charolastro & download their digital street team kit
2) Submit a photo of yourself representing DnDUI & your favourite Charo to our Twitter, Facebook or Reddit
3) You can submit a photo for each item in the street team kit! That means you get 3 chances to win!
4) At the end of season 5 a dice will be rolled to randomly select a winner, who will win a giant DnDUI prize pack!
We will also be choosing a winner for “Most Awesome DnDUI Street Team Member!” So be creative! Want to Cosplay as Sweet D? Get a DnDUI tattoo? Preach the teachings of Uthgar outside your local university? Go for it! Which ever fan impress the DnDUI gang the most will also win a prize pack!!!

Here’s an example of some of the artwork in the kits:
Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.35.01 AM

What are you waiting for? Hit the streets!