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Nick here, your friendly neighborhood webcomics creator!

It’s been a few weeks now of the new comic coming out every Thursday. If you’ve been reading the new comics and you’re reading this right now I would like to thank you.

I’d also love to get some feedback on what people think about the direction we’re heading. Writing webcomics as a long form singular story is new to me so I’m still sorting out how to ride the line of story while pulling off sweet joke tricks and manuals. You can shout at me on twitter @Sticholas
We also have 3 more amazing videos coming out to introduce new people to our beloved gang of drunks.  If you missed the first two you can watch Zwit’Tig’s and Sweet D’s videos on our Youtube channel now!


We’re Baaaaaaaaack!

We also have feathers now and quack like ducks. Thanks science!


D’n’DUI comes back to the internet!

Today is a special day for a bunch of cool special reasons!  First off; three years ago today the very first D’n’DUI webcomic appeared online. That’s crazy!  I can’t thank the guys on the podcast enough for accepting me (this is Nick writing by the way, context smontext) into their drunken family.  Even going so far as to let me depict them as cartoon dummies for your amusement.

Well as of today, those cartoon dummies are back and better than ever! The webcomic returns from it’s long hiatus and, for those of you who aren’t aware, is essentially getting a soft reboot and diverting from the upcoming season of the D’n’DUI podcast!

And there’s the 2nd point. The return of the content!  Over the next month or so we’ll be starting to release new D’n’DUI stuff for the new season of the podcast as well as some other awesomeness to get you pumped.

So here’s where you come in. GET HYPED! Get excited, we’re gearing up to keep making amazing D’n’DUI idiocy for your amusement and we want you to help us share it with the world! Yell it from a roof top! Scream it at passing cars! Make a mark on the world about D’n’DUI (maybe a vine would be a good solid lasting imprint)!

We can’t wait to get started!


Timelines (Webcomics Update)

Hey,  nick here, your friendly neighborhood webcomics artist.

In the past year I’ve gotten my dream job, married the woman I love & am about 2 weeks away from officially owning my first home.  All that is to say this has been a big year for me.

I made the decision to put the webcomic on hiatus mostly out of lack of time but also out of frustration.  As I’ve posted about before I wasn’t happy with how or what I was producing. Well the long break has given me a lot of time to think, plan and refocus.

I’ve heard the end of the season of D’n’DUI (I won’t spoil anything or even how many episodes are left), and that’s given me even more fire to get back into making this comic.  I couldn’t be more excited to write these characters or live in this world.

That being said, It’s seems the best way to approach this reboot is indeed to wait until the season ends and all the dust settles. I don’t want to say exactly how long that is but I think I might post some throw away stuff here in the meantime as a sort of warm up to the real deal.

Here’s that comic I teased in my last post.  I’ve decided it wasn’t really needed as a first strip for the reboot but it’s not bad so why not put it out somewhere!


A new look (Webcomics update)

This is going to be short and sweet.

Here’s a sneak peak at the new look for the webcomic! It’s not entirely different, but the process to make it was almost all new.
dndui_001_webThe launch is still planned for the end of the current season of the D’n’DUI podcast. Which is coming up fast. In the meantime let me know what you think of the test strip here (it may or may not end up running).


A bit of Background (Webcomic update)


Good news!  I’m approaching the relaunch of the webcomic!
Here’s what’s up!


Version 2.0 of the D’n’DUI webcomic will be essentially a reboot.  The main difference is I’ll be making a clean break from the podcast.  The characters will still be the gang from the D’n’DUI podcast and their characters, but I’m going to take the DnD story in my own direction.  From this point on the webcomic will be like an alternate reality.


I also think I’ll hold off on the relaunch until a new season of the podcast starts.  The season finale is coming soon and syncing the new comic with a new season feels appropriate. It’s also just an arbitrary deadline to put on myself so I don’t keep working on this forever and never release it!


Another big idea I’m wrestling with is format.  As the landscape of webcomics change the idea of making a full page of comics every month instead of a strip a week seems tempting.  It allows for more unique joke timings and also means every 4th panel doesn’t NEED to be a punchline.  If the idea of getting a bigger update every few weeks is appealing to you, let me know.


I’ll leave you with one last little thing; here’s a background I made for the Bertuzzo bros house. I’m hoping to build up an archive of backgrounds in order to speed up drawing and focus more on jokes and story!


DnDUI Webcomic Status Report!


Nick here, your intrepid webcomic’s artist and invisible DnDUI member.

If you’re reading this, I assume ( maybe I hope ), you’re a fan of the DnDUI webcomic that I’ve been making once a week for over two years now.  Well I’ve come to a cross roads in my thinking when it comes to the webcomic.

I don’t think I’ve been making the comic I want to make and honestly I don’t think I’ve been making what you want to read.  When the webcomic first launched we got an enormous response from the r/dnd reddit, hundreds of upvotes, lots of great comments. It was awesome, but it eventually led to me making my comic like a blockbuster movie, trying to just appeal to the masses and kinda losing characters and the original spirit of DnDUI.

I’m still a massive fan of DnDUI and still love playing in that world and with the characters of my friends in the group and the fiction they’ve built.  In order to get back to that, I’m going to extend my short break from posting a comic once a week. The break started while I was getting married and away on my honeymoon but it seems like a good time to rethink the comic.

I will try and post updates here whenever something relevant develops but just know that I am still working on it and thinking about it every day.

If you have any feedback about the comic I’d love to hear it, since really if you’ve read this far than you are the audience for the comic and I thank you.


Million Dollar Preview! – Nick Loves WrestleMania!

As some of you may know myself (Neck Ethernet) and the Bertuzzo boys (Marco ‘n’ Adge) recently started a second D’n’DUI network podcast! Million Dollar REBOOT!

We’re also trying out a new format for special episodes! The first “I Love ________ & You Should Too!” will be Wrestling!!!

So if you’ve never enjoyed Professional Wrestling you can read on and get the same primer Marco & Adge will be studying before watching the biggest sports entertainment event of the year! WRESTLEMANIA!

Continue reading

Toronto Comic Con! Commission Pre-sale!

Hey Toronto!

The D’n’DUI crew will be hanging out at Toronto Comic Con, March 20th through 22nd!

As usual I (Nick) will be chained to the table drawing stuff for fans! If you’re interested in getting a commission you can pre-order now and get a bonus!

By using the coupon code ” TCC15 ” you’ll get 5$ off your order!
You’ll get a FREE dndui webcomic print signed by the guys!
Best of all, you get a firm handshake and your commission handed over in person at the show!

This offer is valid to anyone but if you aren’t at the show you won’t receive a free print, handshake or rad fun time. Also you’ll have to pay for shipping probably…


10$ for head & shoulders bust of character of your choice!

Add ons

  • 10$ per additional character
  • 10$ for full figure (per character)
  • 10$ for colour (print included)
  • 10$ for background

special requests welcome! (unless I think it’s weird and you should be ashamed)


Head over to nicketherton.com  to order yours now!

pre-order available until Monday March 16th
email nick@dndui.com with any questions or issues

DM Face Off – Backstage Episode Preview

Marco and Adriano chatted about their different approaches to DMing a party and their motivations behind encounter building.

We thought it would be something everyone would be interested in, so here’s a sneak peek at a backstage recording normally reserved for Patreon supporters.

If you’d like to access the backstage area or chat with Marco in his VIP Lounge, head on over to patreon.com/dndui

5th Edition Spoiled Brat Background Option

Spoiled Brat

Skill Proficiency: Insight (Int); Persuasion (Cha)
Tool Proficiency: Artisan Tools
Languages: Pick any two
Equipment: Fancy clothes, a ring with a signet, a belt pouch containing 50gp.

Feature: Wealthy Parents
Whether you hate them, or they hate you your parents are still well known in the lands and have some sway. You can use this to your advantage. Although your parents probably won’t give you gold now that you are an adventurer, people in cities will have heard of your name (their thoughts on that can vary wildly). If used right this can get you a meeting with a council member or even get out out of jail for a night. Just make sure you don’t get captured for ransom.

Suggested Characteristics:

d8 Personality

  1.  Calm and collected you pull strings to get things your way.
  2.  You act with a fiery temper, not used to repercussions.
  3.  You shun your wealth and are fascinated by commoners.
  4.  Your family has fallen on hard times and you loathe being a commoner.
  5.  Though you always try to help you hate getting your hands dirty.
  6.   You were coddled so you are still ignorant of many things and strive to learn more.
  7.   Growing up in a library you have en erudite knowledge of how the world works, but rarely practical uses come out of it.
  8.   You are a noble that unwillingly became an adventure and are still unsure about this twist in life.

d6 Ideal

  1.   You will do anything to get your way and gain your family fame Neutral
  2.   You are an upstanding citizen, You uphold the proletariat ideals of the kingdom.  Lawful good
  3.   You have decided to make a name for yourself no matter what.
  4.   Having seen The excess of your upbringing you seek to bring down “the system”.   Evil
  5.   When you don’t have to work, life becomes all about pleasure.
  6.   You see yourself more as a diplomat than an adventure, and resist combat when you can.

d6 Bond

  1.   You know the secret of where an ancient family treasure is buried.
  2.   The political scales no longer favour you, and you are going to change that.
  3.   You are out to prove yourself as the rightful heir to your family’s wealth.
  4.   You have shunned all your wealth and seek to get revenge on your family for a terrible act they committed.
  5.   Child of a rich merchant you are seeking to get the titles you deserved. Even if you have to kill for them.
  6.   You have disgraced your family and have been cast out.

d6 Flaw

  1.   You see everything as belonging to you.
  2.   When you have deemed somebody “Below you” you are kurt and impolite to them.
  3.   You care more about money and reputation than the affection of your friends.
  4.   You have few strongly held beliefs and change yourself and your goals constantly, abandoning them when they get too hard.
  5.   You have almost no idea how the world works.
  6.   You don’t even a little bit grasp the concept of consequences.