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The malevolent over-thrower of the old guard, none has ever felt more distain for the gods than Bane. Killer of deities, slayer of divinities, Bane is a megalomaniac dark force. His manifest destiny will lead him down a body laden, blood bathed path. He now hosts the council of the gods, and in doing so keeps a finger in every pie.


The once fresh-faced heir to the thrown of Thorn, Bassanio's legacy was acted out in blood right before his eyes. A death in the family, forced the innocence from his adolescent body; he sat atop a kingdom that crumbled beneath him. Now, like a ghost, he inhabits his ancestors’ castle on the outskirts of what remains of Westgate. Vowing to slay Bane for what he has cause, he goes by the name Godkiller.



A cantankerous old mage whose Columboesq approach leaves him perpetually a step ahead. Artificially enhanced by the inscrutable 'Drambok', an arcanic heart that ties him to his book imp Jin. Zwit Tig's origin is as soaked in blood as it is shrouded in mystery. A human-dragon hybrid, the Dragonborns are a race subservient to their pure-blood half-ancestors. The race became fractured and governing families arose to maintain the dogmatic culture Dragonborns had become accustomed to. The most influential and powerful of these families were the Rehams. His mother, Reham-Bar comission his very brother, Reham-Gi, to kill him. Instead, Gi exposed the maniacal plan to cauterize the family's subversive black sheep. The surreptitious, yet honourable solution was far more grotesque then even Bar could have formulated. Tig donned the family name of his father, Zwit-Kel, and voiwed to hold science above faith forever more.



Poetry postulating hopeful romantic, the Drow Seeker, values art and love, over power and wealth, things that came so easily to him early in life. Academic turned adventurer, Sweet D, is in search for greater meaning in a universe he feels so compelled to connect with. Now a wandering wordsmith, he left his affluence behind him for the way of the arrow. He'll write his magnum opus and is not trepidatious to do so in the blood of his enemies. Once a man with no mission, now an angel of death under Kelemvor, the Mother God. His soul is under perpetual judgement for the murder of thousands of Dwarves while he was possessed by Bane. One of those souls now accompanies him in battle, a young Drawven boy named Rufio.



The enigmatic elven monk whose physical prowess is only outshined by his abstract philosophical jargon. A devout clergyman, in the hierarchy of Remo's world the only thing to trump pure, raw, unabashed destruction, is Uthgar. He is a loincloth struttin, furious fist brandishing, battlefield leaping, man of the cloth. Defeating his own brother to take up seat as the head of the Uthgarian temple, Remo has devoted his life to preaching the good fist. Shortly after Remo’s disappearance, Uthgar also went missing, and now Remo travels the world walking a fine line between searching for Uthgar, and moonlighting as him.



Burley and brawny, but, like a can of tuna, once you peel away his hardened exterior, you reveal the soft and fishy insides. The reluctant muscle, Oz Alduin a physically imposing changeling can adapt to any situation, allowing his body to change and mimic the people around him, but it's that very ability that has robbed him of a sense of self. Emotionally outcast, and perpetually ostracized, Oz gained mastery over his mind to grant himself the edge in the battlefield. Hard hitting, yet soft spoken; democratic yet insatiably violent; an outcast that fits in, this tank is full of contradictions but he just may be worth the whole damn bunch put together. Torm, the god of protection has granted Oz the title of one half of his angelic duo, The Sword and the The Sheild.